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Lauren is another born and bred Gold Coaster. Growing up in Palm Beach and Currumbin, Lauren met Aaron on the first day of Primary School. A few years later Lauren became friends with Aaron’s sister; and the trio fast became a part of each other’s families.

After leaving High School, Lauren landed a job as the Imports & Operations Co-Ordinator for the Neumann Group in Currumbin. During these years, Lauren always had a keen interest in Real Estate and Property Investment, and eventually moved on to pursue a role as a Sales Manager for a Property Investment Company selling homes throughout Australia.

When the GFC occurred, the Company folded and the Industry took a hit. It was at this time, a Project Builder Lauren had sold homes for, approached her to join his company in a Contracts Admin and Construction Processes Role. After a few years learning the ropes of the Building and Construction industry, Lauren was given the opportunity to sell homes in South East QLD to Wholesale and Investment Buyers.

After a couple of very successful years, Lauren grew tired of the company processes and decided to set herself a challenge completely out of her comfort zone – Accounting.

Starting from the ground up, with no accounting experience, Lauren eventually became the Gold Coast District Manager of that Company. Spanning over 6 years, managing 11 offices with over 60 staff and maintaining a database of over 17,000 clients – it was the delve into the world of Commercial Real Estate and working with Trades again to fit out new offices – that made Lauren realise how much she missed the Building & Construction Industry.

In 2017, after years of banter about when he was going to hire her, Aaron offered Lauren the opportunity to join Veraniece Construction Corp with himself and Cameron.

Lauren shares a genuine love of the industry. She is professional, honest, approachable, and will always ensure the perfect outcome for both our clients and our projects.

Contact Lauren

PO Box 3535 Burleigh Town QLD 4220