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Aaron is a born and bred Gold Coaster. Growing up on the South-side of the Coast, Aaron met Cameron and Lauren in the early years of Primary School in Currumbin. Moving onto Palm Beach Currumbin High School together; Aaron fast became aware that a sporting school was not his destiny and yearned for the day he could leave to pursue something more. Aaron’s Grade 10 Report Card mentioned the lack of attention paid in the classroom, his distraction of the “outside world”, and the recommendation from his teachers to pursue other opportunities at the earliest possible convenience.

Denouncing his parents’ wishes of a University Degree – Aaron left school to pursue a career in Building, Construction & Design. In 2005 he commenced his Carpentry Apprenticeship. Aaron battled throughout these years as not only an apprentice, but an apprentice during the GFC. There were times of no work, no tools, no paychecks, and an apprenticeship that spanned longer than anyone could have anticipated. But this only made Aaron hungry and more determined to make something of himself.

After finally completing his apprenticeship in 2010, he went on to complete his Cert IV in Building in 2011. It was in this same year that Aaron founded his first Construction Company; Platinum Construction & Design. Platinum grew from strength to strength and fast became a household name in the South East Queensland Construction Industry.

In 2013 Aaron completed his Advanced Diploma in Building, and in 2014 he embarked on his first journey into Property Development to establish Veraniece Developments; specialising in Duplexes and Luxury Townhouse Developments. In 2017, he joined forces with Cameron Bryant, and Veraniece Construction Corp was born.

Shortly after, Daniel – a Project Manager Aaron knew through mutual acquaintances – and Lauren – a close family friend for over 20 years with a background in Building & Construction herself – joined the Veraniece Construction Corp team.

Aaron continues to strive for excellence and provides his clients with an unparalleled level of care, attention to detail and transparency with all projects. Aaron’s goal is to become one of the leading Luxury Home Builders and Property Developers in Australia. Because to Aaron, this isn’t just a job – it’s his passion.

Contact Aaron

PO Box 3535 Burleigh Town QLD 4220

0404 354 284